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Cold Storage Exporters
Cold Storage Exporters


Introducing Top Cold Storage Exporters

Established in the year 2004, Vishay Porta has been a leading name in the Cold Storage Industry. We Manufacture ready to install Cold Storage. Also known as Prefabricated Structures, our Cold Storage are made up of durable and long-lasting multiple material such as Mild Steel, SS Steel, Wood etc. From Temporary offices and fixed offices to easy to install houses and shifting homes, our dedication and commitment to quality has earned as a reputation as the leading Cold Storage Exporter.

Why Choose Vishay Porta for Your Cold Storage Needs?

Wide Range and Customization: We offer a wide range of Customized Cold Storage that cater your needs, from Security Guard Cabin and Small Cabin to Prefabricated Health Centre and Ready to use Prefabricated offices. We also have the ability to customize our structures to meet the specific requirements of each client, regardless of location or application. 
All India Service: With an Experience of 20 years in international trade and logistics, we have the knowledge and complete infrastructure to ensure smooth and efficient delivery of your Cold Storage to any destination in India.
Superior Quality and Durability: Vishay Porta is named as the most trusted Cold Storage Exporters as we use only the best materials and construction methods to ensure that our structures can withstand even the most demanding conditions, from harsh weather to frequent transport.
Expert Support and Service: Our team of dedicated manufacturers, engineers and professionals is always available to answer your questions, provide guidance and offer alert support throughout the entire process, from initial inquiry to post-installation assistance.
We're More Than Just an Exporter:
At Vishay Porta, we are committed to constructing strong relationships with our customers. We agree with in imparting extra than just merchandise; we provide a working solution that includes expert session, layout help, task management, and ongoing aid. We're confident about making an advantageous effect in the global community, and we're proud to play a function in supporting the desires of companies and businesses round the sector.
Being the leader Cold Storage Exporters, we understand the payment issues rises during construction of prefabricated or ready to use structures, that is why we offer competitive prices while never compromising on quality or service.
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